Facebook Privacy Security Flaw

This evening I just discovered this issue with the Facebook iPhone application.  If you create a new album with the iPhone app, the privacy settings for this album will be set to everyone! Steps to reproduce: Go to Photos in the facebook iPhone application Press + to add a new album Enter an album name … Continue reading Facebook Privacy Security Flaw


Slow iPhone 3G? Really?

Sure, I have blogged about the iPhone 3G reception before and how it could probably be improved a touch.  But in general the speeds have not been too bad. Generally, Tech (possibly most ?!) stories in mainstream media are usually pretty poor quality.  Unfortunately, The Age have continued this by today writing a bogus article … Continue reading Slow iPhone 3G? Really?

iPhone 3G and ‘Free’ Optus Wifi

Since Optus promised us all free Wifi with all iPhone 3G plans, I decided to check it out. There is a hudsons coffee place near work. So I follow the instructions to setup an account, it SMS's me a password, and manage to login just fine. Nice and fast. Cool. However, Optus dont have many … Continue reading iPhone 3G and ‘Free’ Optus Wifi