Wireless Range Extenders

Just bought a Netgear WN2500RPT Dual Band wireless range extender from JB Hifi for $87.  Bargain really! Even the sale price of $99 (down from $129) is good value.  It also has 4 wired ports as well which is handy – although I do not really need them at the moment.  Speed of the ports is not specified – my assumption is that they are 100MB/s.  The only other product on the market (that’s not an apple airport express) which is a dual band extender appears to be a Belkin. However it is $149.

This extender covers the last dark area around my house where wireless drop out more often than not.  I set it up as a wireless client to a 2.4GHz and 5GHz WLAN provided by my Apple Time Capsule/Airport Extreme.  I also have a Airport Express to extend my WLAN in the other direction.

A quick tip – when extending your WLAN – make sure you keep the same SSID – this way your devices will always connect to the strongest signal with no further configuration required.


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