Oracle misleading advertisements (again)

Oracle misleading advertisements (again)

Oracle are in hot water again for misleading advertisements comparing the Oracle T5 performance and cost with an IBM p780.  Thats the problem with non independent benchmarking. You can make the results say whatever you like.  Maybe the industry needs to come up with an independent body that can perform this function.


One thought on “Oracle misleading advertisements (again)

  1. Oracle is particularly bad when it comes to this sort of thing. Part of their license requirement forbids users to publish benchmark results of their products without permission. So even if such a 3rd party as you described attempted to benchmark Oracle’s RDBMS, they’d be forbidden to share the results.

    I believe that Oracle is within their rights to do this as license holder.

    As somebody who has done extensive benchmarking of Oracle systems, I know that their performance tends to be awful for many workloads, requiring an excessive amount of tweaking to even get the things to scale, and all for an extremely high price. Anybody who has benchmarked Oracle (but is not on their payroll in some way) knows this, but details cannot be legally provided.

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