So I am in Boston – and just want a decent cup of coffee.  Can I find anything other than Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

NO!   Even in my hotel room – I have starbucks coffee in a sealed bag ready for use with the coffee maker! No wonder Starbucks is agressively expanding globally – they have the US domestic market all sewed up.

Also got caught up in the Boston Celtics victory ticker tape parade.  They certainly know how to run a parade efficiently over here.  Cops everywhere, and fixed barriers that you cannot cross through – except designated crossing areas.  Afterward there was a man walking at the end of the parade unscrewing the bolts for the barriers.  Which is something else I noticed – there is a job for everyone in the USA.  No matter if you are old or young – you can get a job doing something.  Shop assistants are also a breath of fresh air when comparing to Australian ones….. you actually do get customer service over here.

I also wondered the history on why it is called an NBA World Championship when no other country plays NBA except the USA.

In Australia for parades, we just take the she’ll be right mate approach and put a blue line down on the road and hope for the best!

Oh – I also visited the Apple store in Boston. Wow it is impressive.  Bought something small on my AMEX – and the shop assistant asked if I wanted an emailed or printed receipt – I said both thanks.  And she then proceeded to tell me my own email address without me saying anything.  Now that is either REALLY REALLY good customer service or just plain scarey….


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